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Football for Ages  U12  to U16

SEASON 2023 

Welcome to Ellenbrook United FC!

At Ellenbrook United FC, we extend a warm invitation to both newcomers and current players in Metro teams to join our exclusive Skills Acquisition Program. Designed specifically for NPL level players, this program follows Football Australia's National Curriculum and Coaching Process, placing a strong emphasis on skill acquisition and development.

Our dedicated coaching staff is committed to nurturing the growth and potential of each player, focusing on the mastery of the four core skills that form the foundation of elite-level soccer. Through a structured curriculum and expert guidance, participants will receive targeted training to enhance their technical abilities and advance their game.

Benefits of our Skills Acquisition Program:

  1. Elite-Level Focus: Our program is tailored to the needs of NPL level players, providing the necessary training and support to excel in competitive soccer.

  2. Football Australia Curriculum: We follow Football Australia's National Curriculum and Coaching Process, ensuring that players receive a comprehensive and standardized training experience.

  3. Skill Development: The program's primary objective is the acquisition and refinement of the four core skills, laying a solid foundation for players to reach their full potential.

  4. Expert Coaching: Our experienced coaches possess a deep understanding of skill development and employ proven coaching methodologies to facilitate individual growth and team cohesion.

  5. Competitive Opportunities: As part of Ellenbrook United FC, players will have the chance to compete in high-level competitions, enabling them to showcase their skills and progress further in their soccer journey.

Join us at Ellenbrook United FC's Skills Acquisition Program and unlock your potential in the world of soccer.

Whether you are new to our club or seeking to take your game to the next level, our program is designed to help you reach your goals.

Enroll now and embark on a transformative soccer journey with us!

Note: Please visit our Registration page or contact our Program Coordinator at [contact details] for more information and to secure your place in the program.

Cost:   $180 per player / per term


Bespoke Skills Acquisition Full Training Kit

Qualified A Licensed Football Coach

Training alongside NPL squad players

Friday evenings:

EUFC U13 NPL & U14 NPL 5:45pm

EUFC U15 NPL & U16 NPL 6:50pm

Ellenbrook Sports Hub - Home of EUFC

*Note - Other players (12-16yrs old) wishing to join will have to fully register ($180 & Kit Inc)

Registration required before attending any sessions 

Enquiries contact Sam on

Registration Fee (AU$)

Thanks For Enrolling in the EUFC Skills Acquisition Program

Register Now
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