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For females aged 16+
All abilities welcome

Welcome to the world of Walking Football, a modified, low-impact version of the game that is suitable for individuals of all abilities and fitness levels. Whether you're returning to sport after a break or have never played before, this gentle variation of the beautiful game is designed to be social, safe, and incredibly fun.

At our club, we prioritize the well-being and enjoyment of our participants. The rules of Walking Football have been adjusted to create a format that is inclusive, safe, and tailored to suit both newcomers and seasoned players. This unique version of football aims to increase participation among Older Australians by focusing on low-impact, team-based exercise that offers numerous physical and mental health benefits. Additionally, it fosters social connectedness and emphasizes the promotion of ongoing physical activity.

The format and rules of Walking Football ensure that it is accessible to everyone, regardless of age or skill level. The program adopts a "whole of family" approach, encouraging participants of all ages to engage in the sport and promoting inter-generational interaction. It also provides opportunities for continued involvement in the local club as members and volunteers.

Join us for Walking Football and discover a delightful way to stay active, forge new connections, and enjoy the spirit of the game. It's never too late to be part of the football community!

  • Non-contact

  • Above head height restriction on ball

  • No heading the ball

  • Playing with reckless or dangerous intent is an infringement

  • Walking instead of running - "always having one foot on the ground"

  • No offside

  • No slide tackles, trips, strikes, pushes, shoulder barge, excessive force

  • No throw ins

  • Penalty is a one-step only kick

  • Games can be played with or without a goalkeeper

Cost:   $20 per player

(one time payment for whole of 2023)

Friday evenings:

Time and date TBC

Ellenbrook Sports Hub - Home of EUFC

Registration Fee (AU$)

Welcome to EUFC Women's Walking Football

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