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Canteen Update

Thank you for your patience and understanding. Family always comes first so when Brendan and Claire had a family emergency and in lieu of volunteers to fill the void closing the canteen was the only option and admittedly our immediate focus was on supporting the Symons family. A huge part of our club.

At Committee this week we heard, reflected and discussed feedback and displeasure regarding the canteen being closed. We also heard that prior requests by Brendan and Claire for support and member volunteers had not heralded any success. In addition, we also considered the current capacity and load of Committee members (all volunteers with full-time roles and families) to try and fill the void.

It is important to the Committee that all members understand we WANT and NEED the canteen to be operating; both for financial and community engagement. It is also a key part of the Club’s strategy to lower our player fees.

With this in mind, and upon reviewing the demands and capacity of the Committee members we agreed a strategy with the spirit of many hands make light work”.

So, rather than moan and groan about why the canteen needed to close let’s ALL step up and ensure that we do our bit. You'll be surprised how rewarding and fun it is to give back. An hour each weekend; Friday to Sunday, supports the club, supports those volunteers doing so much already and lowers your children’s fees! WIN, WIN, WIN 👏👏👏

Upon review we agreed a number of items to achieve a sustainable solution for the season.

These are:

  1. Brendan and Claire lead and organize the canteen on behalf of the club

  2. Preference is to build a base of volunteers trained and able to support the canteen. In return they would be eligible for the Volunteer Reward & Recognition offers.

  3. In lieu of volunteers stepping forward, or where the need demands we will implement a weekly Team/Age Group Roster program whereby your Team/Age group are rostered on for the weekend’s service.


How are we going to achieve this?

1. Advertise to club members to step forward and volunteer their time for:

a. Bar service (RSA certificate required)

b. Barista

c. Canteen service

NB. All volunteers are required to have a Covid-19 Safe Certificate and City of

Swan Food Hygiene, for both Bar and Canteen service. Free of charge to


2. Volunteer to sign Agreement to the Volunteer Reward and Recognition offers.

There are a few options available which include but not exhaustively so:

a. RSA training costs

b. Barista training / costs

c. Credit based financial support; can be used towards:

i. Fees

ii. Merchandise

iii. Coaching courses and accreditations

d. Honorarium remuneration


Who can apply / express interest to be a volunteer?

Bar Service

Anyone with a valid RSA, Covid-19 Safe Certificate and City of Swan Food Hygiene Certificate


Anyone with experience* can begin immediately.

Anyone aged 16 can apply to attend Barista Course training. Upon completion to be rostered for Barista shifts. A fantastic way for young adults to gain free training and experience to assist them on their journey through education and hospitality jobs.

Canteen Service

Anyone aged 13 ¾ with experience and Covid-19 Safe & City of Swan Food Hygiene Certificate

Anyone aged 13 ¾ wanting to gain experience and help the club. Dependent upon capacity and support in the canteen these individuals may require chaperoning.

Any and all candidates under the age of 18 require prior parental/guardian permission

Hot Fresh Food

Building off the great work Dorothy and her family started last year, the Club Committee is focused on ensuring that we always have hot, fresh and wholesome meals. In support of course to the usual treats the kids hit us up for 😉🤣

Any chefs and / or hospitality folk that have some spare time on a Friday or Saturday that are able and willing to safely produce dishes for serving in the canteen we would love to hear from you.


To register your interest, availabilities and experience please email, including any questions or queries you may have.

Now is the time to step up and do YOUR bit for OUR club.

* valid RSA, Covid-19 Safe Certificate and City of Swan Food Hygiene Certificate

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