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🦠🦠🦠🦠Covid-19 Update🦠🦠🦠🦠

On Sunday 27th February the club had two confirmed cases (positive RAT) tests at the club for a prolonged; over 2 hours, period of time.

One case attended the club rooms for a prolonged period of time (approximately 3pm till approximately 7:00pm) and the other a senior player from 6pm till 9:30pm using changing room 1. Both are awaiting PCR results.

In line with current WA Govt public health and social measures anyone who attended the club rooms during these times are recommended to monitor symptoms, present for testing and if required isolate for 7 days.

We won’t publish personal information however if you have any questions relating to whether you may be a close contact please either email or speak directly with a Committee Member.

Contact emails available on our website


Please see below message from Football West

The WA Government yesterday (Monday 28th Feb) announced that upgraded public health and social measures will be introduced Statewide from 12.01am on Thursday 3 March.

The Level 2 measures include:

  • • Indoor community sports as per venue requirement, with no spectators, except for parents or guardians

  • • Outdoor community sports permitted with no spectators, except for parents or guardians

  • • 500 capacity limit and mask requirement apply to outdoor events and venues (in addition to the 2sqm rule)

  • • 2sqm rule and 150 person capacity limit with seated service for nightclubs and hospitality venues

The WA Government says the new restrictions are expected to be in place for four weeks, with a review planned for the end of March.



Senior Training: Strictly no spectators. Only players and coaching staff allowed

Junior Training: No spectators apart from parents and coaching staff. For the avoidance of doubt; siblings are not permitted to spectate.



  1. At this time all games able to be fielded will proceed.

  2. We await updates from Football West

  3. Canteen and Bar will not be in operation Friday 4th March



  1. At this stage we will proceed as normal

  2. Canteen will be open for takeaway only

  3. No spectators apart from parents/guardian and coaching staff. For the avoidance of doubt; siblings are not permitted to spectate.


We appreciate that these will be difficult times once again for all sporting communities. As a committee and members of the club we have been truly appreciative of our members conduct. This in contrast to some visitors over the weekend. We thank you for your continued understanding, cooperation and warmth you are treating the volunteers running this club.

With this in mind we will leave you with these words:

  • NOT everyone can wear a mask.

  • NOT everyone can receive the vaccination.

  • NOT everyone will agree with these new Level 2 measures.

  • We don't know what others are going through.

Let's continue with the empathy, compassion and respect our club members continue to show.

Let's all work together to get through this.



We are advised that City of Swan will provide the club with an update Wednesday 2nd March.

Football West will be liaising with relevant Government and industry representatives and reviewing any impact the new restrictions will have on our competitions, matches, programs and other activations. We will keep stakeholders informed of all relevant requirements going forward.

For more information on the new restrictions, visit

We recommend everyone subscribes to our Blog which is our main source for club communications.

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