Season 2022 – New Training and Playing Uniform

Our supplier advises that we are c.3 weeks away from our uniform; including training, match day, polos and jumpers arriving.

All players will receive a full training kit (top, shorts and sock) and match day kit. NPL and First Team receive a few additional items.

Tiny Tekkers, SAP and Saturday Morning Competition players will for the first time receive a full training kit.

In completing our first club sizing event we learnt a lot. Thanks to those who attended and your patience in ironing out some wrinkles. In doing so we sized 30% of players which when combined with our registrations list means we have only had to order what we need – a further step to reducing costs and in turn player fees; a key committee imperative.

It also enabled us to accommodate as many specific and individual requirements, including the demand for polos, additional socks and our new sky blue jumpers.

A point of confusion / clarification however is was that we were sizing only, and NOT pre-ordering additional items such as polos, jumpers, tracksuits etc. We are sorry if this has not been communicated effectively.

The management of these orders requires you to go to our brand new online shop which we launched last week in conjunction with our Club Sponsor Macron. Orders placed can either be collected from the club or from their office in Osborne Park.

Please head to Club Shop to place your order for any additional items you may require. Also, have a look at the Street Merch section – new designs and new news to come on that shortly!

The reason the club has elected to manage things this way is purposeful. It is so we do not hold huge quantities of stock, effectively cash, on the shelves.

However. in the coming weeks we will be ordering some small stock holdings of training shorts, colour matched skins, socks, jumpers and polos for sale in the club rooms. This won’t occur until all teams are registered, paid and had their kit issued in preparation for season start.

For any questions on merchandise or uniform please email:

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