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Training Sessions, Club Operations & Team Requirements

Training Schedule

We move into our full season training calendar tomorrow. Please see attached. Any questions please contact your coach via your Heja group or alternatively your Junior Technical Director.

With special mention and huge thanks to Mark Robinson and Jon Robin for everything they have done behind the scenes to get this done. For two volunteers you sure do go above and beyond, whether it is organising coaches, drafting communications or individually emailing every player for their team allocations.

👏👏👏On behalf of the club, thank you! 👏👏👏

Club Operations

As we move into the season each team will be rostered on and allocated game day requirements for Ground Marshalls, First Aid, Set Up, Pack Down, Game Leader or Running the Line.

All of these roles are mandatory requirements for games to go ahead.

Please ensure you check in with your Team Manager each week before via your team Heja group for your requirements.

Finally, as a community club we are always in need of more hands to assist. So whether you have 30 mins to spare whilst your team is warming up or getting changed, want to meet new people and friends or give up an afternoon to help the club we'd love to hear from you.

Go to to join our Club Chat room

Coach & Team Manager Requirements

This year our numbers have grown across all age groups from U8s to U13s which is excellent for all involved. However each team requires a Coach and Team Coordinator. Without a Coach and Coordinator your team will not able to participate in the season.

As of Saturday 5th March we require coaches and coordinators for:

1. Under 8B

2. Under 9C

3. Under 10C

4. Under 12C

5. Under 13B

You don’t need to be the next Pep Guardiola or Jose Mourinho. You simply need an open and positive mind and able to provide a couple of evenings a week in addition to Match Day on Sunday. Bearing in mind the President, Director of Football, Vice-President, Junior TDs to name a few all started as miniroos coaches for their kids!

We are blessed to have the most active and proactive Technical Directors this clubs has seen in many years. You will be receive assistance, guidance and even session plans to deliver along with buddying and mentoring. Naturally you will be provided with the all equipment you require to run the sessions also.

Our Technical Directors team comprises of:

· Mark Robinson (Director of Football – C Licence)

· Jon Robin (Junior Techical Director – B Licence)

· Matty Clarke (Junior Technical Director)

· Michael leads our NPL teams as Technical Director

· Lee Cole as NPL Manager who will can answer and manage all questions, queries and organisational matters

· Kirsty Graham is our Exec Coordinator and on hand to assist with Team Manager enquiries

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Same here, how do I know which team my kid is in?! Also, have the U9 training days been moved to Mondays and Wednesday?

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