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Braveheart will have nothing on this – this is the football tournament of all tournaments to put this blue to bed once and for all!


The focus of this tournament is to have fun, play football and support mental health charities helping to destigmatize mental health and supporting those in need.


Terms & Conditions of Entry:

  • You will need to pick a side! England or Scotland

  • England will play in White shirts, Blue shorts and White socks with individual shirt numbers

  • Scotland will play in Blue shirts, White shorts and Blue socks with individual shirt numbers

Who's side are you picking?
Do you require a playing kit for your team?
Which kit would like to pre-order?

25% of every team registration is donated to the charity of your choosing.

$20 per Limited Edition Iconic Strip donated to charity

$10 normal playing strip donated to charity

Registration Fee (AU$)

By accepting the Terms and Conditions you are acknowledging and agreeing to the following:

  • Upon completion of this registration you will receive an email confirming if your chosen side is available and providing the information you need to return including sizes, quantities and any names for inclusion on the shirts.

  • You will confirm the number of playing strips required by 20th June.

  • You are required to pay for the strips in full at the point of ordering.

  • The only circumstance that a refund will be granted is in the event that your Chosen Side is not available for your chosen age group. No refunds will be provided for any other reason including pre-ordered uniform.

  • Any players not in the prescribed playing kit and colours on the day of the Tournament will be disqualified.

Thanks For Registering to participate in The Big Blue!

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